A strategy and innovation consultancy.

We partner with global businesses to create value through creativity, insight and entrepreneurial vision.

We recently created a business model for a European Aerospace company, conducted a due diligence project for a British fintech company, assessed photogrammetric solutions for an Estonian startup, researched new markets for a Ukrainian electronics manufacturer, and helped a British medical imaging company to raise $3m in funding.

Our projects combine one or more of the following activities.

Ideation and Creativity

Innovation and Strategy

Research and Analysis

Implementation and Management

Evaluation and Feedback

Consultivate Sector Focus


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Includes technologies such as facial or voice recognition, big data and machine learning.


inc. drones and self-driving vehicles

Several sectors, including manufacturing and transport, are being disrupted by game-changing machines.

3D Printing


Allows rapid, customized production at any scale.

Fintech & Blockchain


Using high-tech solutions to deliver innovative financial and supply-chain services.


Sector focus

Key People


Graham Mitchell, Founder & Managing Director

Graham is a strategy and innovation consultant with a passion for creating value through the innovative use of technology. He specializes in high-tech sectors including AI, robotics and electronics, and also has experience in sectors such as media and investment banking. He has worked for clients across 4 continents, ranging from startups to Global 250 enterprises, and is an INSEAD MBA and a qualified solicitor. He is also the Managing Partner at TransactSafe.

Geoffrey Doyen, Machine Learning Consultant

Geoffrey is a computer vision & NLP deep-learning consultant. He is co-founder & CTO at, the first AI-powered digital sommelier for retail, and has deployed several neural nets.

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